Project Resources

Everything you need to know about Heartland Greenway including information about CCUS, deep insights, expert opinions, and more.

What is carbon capture, utilization, and storage and how does it work?
Are pipeline safer than rail or truck? YES! Pipelines are statistically 40 times safer than rail or truck when it comes to incidents and spills. Because they are buried underground, avoid high-consequence areas, pipelines are simply less prone to accidents.
An overview of all the essential steps we take to ensure the comprehensive and continuous protection of both land and water resources, including aquifers.
Federal regulations govern the safe transportation of CO2 through pipelines. Heartland Greenway has been thoroughly evaluated, and our compliance exceeds many of the requirements, emphasizing our dedication to safety and protecting the environment.
How Heartland Greenway uses seismic surveys, equipment and tools to precisely map underground formations.
Project overview of the CCUS system that will provide biofuel producers in the Midwest with a sustainable way to reduce their carbon footprint.

Partners & Collaborators

Partnering with companies, associations, and organizations across the heartland to make the Midwest proud.