About Us

We’re not only a team of engineers, innovators and environmentalists; we’re a community of believers in the Midwest’s leading role in agriculture.

Extensive Industry Expertise

We know our company is only as good as the people that work there. We’ve recruited some of the brightest minds in the industry, including environmentalists and engineers. Collectively, we have safely constructed and operated over 6,400 miles of pipeline in communities around the U.S.

Impeccable Safety Record

We have a deep rooted belief in being good neighbors. We not only meet – but exceed – the safety standards set by local, state, and federal regulators in design, construction, leak detection, pressure testing, and operations.

Tribal Commitment

We recognize and respect that Native lands are a sacred place with a longstanding history. We pledge to honor Native leadership, learn from them, and secure a place for such leadership at the decision-making table.

Driven by Impact

Our goal is to make a positive impact on the environment, economy, and communities we serve across the Midwest.

Advance Carbon Neutrality

We recognize that achieving carbon neutrality is essential for a sustainable future, and we are leading the way by incorporating carbon capture as part of the agricultural process.

Support Midwest Economy

Agriculture has long been the heart and soul of the Midwest. Our goal is to keep it that way. Heartland Greenway can boost the Midwest economy by incorporating carbon capture as part of industrial. The result is renewable fuels, a protected price on corn, and allowing the Midwest to reap the economic advantages.

Prioritize CO₂ Utilization

Heartland Greenway is among the first large CCUS projects in the US to prioritize reusing captured carbon, supporting industries that need it (like the wastewater treatment plant pictured here).  In doing so, we are creating more efficient and reliable distribution channels for CO2, providing access to a broad audience of commercial consumers.

Partners & Collaborators

Partnering with companies, associations, and organizations across the heartland to make the Midwest proud.

Support the development and implementation of [CCUS] technologies to lower the carbon intensity scores of the entire agriculture value chain.

National Corn Growers Association

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage is the single largest step ethanol producers can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

Renewable Fuels Association

Compared to other liquids pipelines, CO₂ pipelines are the safest.

Liquid Energy Pipeline Association